Project Management and Accounting Extraordinaire with Dynamics SL – Part 2

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Project managers need quick access to information about risks, issues, and status reports for each project. In addition, they need to keep track of hundreds of details in order to deliver a project on time and on budget. Here are ways Dynamics SL enables effective project management of all aspects of projects:

1 - Establish a budget. Budgets created in Excel can be imported into a Dynamics SL project for review and approval. Dynamics SL will compare the budget against all the actuals to keep you on track.

2 – Properly utilize resources. By using a template of tasks created for other similar projects, you can initiate a new project, minimize data entry, and utilize realistic costs estimates from previous projects. You can view by specific employee to compare budget to actuals. View standard resource schedules and information, including roles and skills, across all projects. Then access real-time information on labor, billing and commitments, so that the right people are available for the right jobs when you need them.

3 - Enable employees to enter time and expenses using a web browser so that your project costs are continually up-to-date and billings are able to be processed sooner.

4 – Keep control of cost over-runs. With Dynamics SL, you can monitor if customers have paid on time and other critical information. SL’s Business Portal (accessed through a web browser), sends automatic alerts to managers using role-based security to alert them of potential problems. These could include slipping margins, aging invoices, unbilled items, or late or potential excess labor expenses. This allows appropriate action to be taken in a timely manner.

5 - Establish project change orders that retain key data. These include tracking approvals, the reasons for the change, the budget impact of the changes, and the new scheduled completion date so that there will be no unanswered questions when billing the client.

To learn more details how these tasks and activities work and to see Dynamics SL in action, visit our Tours, Demos, and Resources page. Go here to read Part 1.

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