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Mark Rockwell, Rockton Software

Inactivity Timeout for Microsoft Dynamics GP

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In the support role at Rockton Software, I get asked often if the Inactivity Timeout tool in Dynamics GP Toolbox will work in a Citrix environment. The short answer is yes.

 The Inactivity Timeout tool is a timed task process that runs in the background in GP. It checks periodically for a user’s activity. If no activity has occurred, the user’s GP session will close automatically. This will free up the user’s GP license, making it available for another user to use, which is the benefit of this tool.

 The Inactivity Timeout tool will not kick a user out of GP, if a user is working in GP and has unsaved work. The Inactivity Timeout tool is smart enough to know that user interaction is necessary and to not close their GP session until the user has saved their work.

 You can expect stranded users, which are those users that have ended their Citrix connection AND have lost the GP instance running, to be kicked out after their time is up. But, at least one user must be using GP at the time for the Inactivity Timeout tool to invoke. If everyone is out of GP, for instance over the weekend, the first person logging into GP on Monday morning will trigger another check for stranded users and clear them out.

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 Written By Pam Rasmussen, Technical Support at Rockton Software, a Microsoft Dynamics GP Add-On Partner.

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