Failed Implementations Have the Highest Cost

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  • Providing effective management support is an expensive use of an executive’s time.
  • Re-allocating some of your best employees to an implementation is expensive when you have to backfill their positions.
  • Providing an extra measure of training is expensive when some employees don’t get it the first time.

But an implementation project that fails because you didn't take these measures has the highest cost.

I recommend you take the time to read my book Rapid Implementation. Determine where and how you can safely shave consulting hours and how you can wisely complete implementation taskts with internal staff to not only lower service costs but increase the training your staff retains.

Rapid Implementation is on the Amazon Hot New Releases list within its first month for a good reason. It contains hundreds of tips for small and medium-size business owners and system implementers.

Computeration stands behind the processes explained. We've developed skilled consultants, reliable support, a variety of training delivery methods, and thorough project management methods. Take the time to select your new software, complete a fit/gap analysis between your needs and the software, and provide adequate executive oversight, project management, and employee training time.

You won’t have to look back and wish you’d made the better investment. The cost of doing it right is much less than the cost of failure. Computeration, your Microsoft Dynamics GP implementation team in the Pacific Northwest.

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