Dynamics GP Manufacturing – Can I Disassemble a Finished Good?

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The Dynamics GP Manufacturing Module is a fantastic tool for building assemblies and finished goods.  It’s got just about everything you may need to manufacture your product – Bill of Materials, Routings, Work Centers, Labor and Machine tracking etc.

But what happens when you need to disassemble your product?  Most users create a negative Inventory Adjustment for their Finished Good (or Sub-Assembly) and positive Inventory Adjustments for their components.  There’s a faster, more efficient way for users to create disassembly transactions – Quick Disassembly by WilloWare.

Quick Disassembly uses the GP Manufacturing Bill of Materials to disassemble inventory items into component parts. This tool creates a simple disassembly transaction based on an Inventory Adjustment, and is ideal for manufacturers needing a simple method to take apart an item and get the components back into inventory.

By default the system will use the MFG BOM, however, any of the other BOM Types can be selected. The disassembly process will use the selected BOM to figure-out which components should be put into inventory when the made-item is removed.  The tool also allows the user to determine how Sub-Assemblies are handled:

  • Disassemble None:  With this setting, the system will disassemble the first-level of the BOM only.  Sub-Assemblies, therefore, are not disassembled; they are put into stock.
  • Disassemble All:  With this setting, any item on the BOM that has a Bill of Materials will be disassembled into its subcomponents.
  • Disassemble Phantoms:  This works in a manner similar to a manufacturing order where built subassemblies that have a “Regular” BOM are drawn from inventory, so with Quick Disassembly they are put back into inventory. “Phantoms” are made while producing the top-level finished good, so with Quick Disassembly a Phantom component is itself disassembled into the raw materials.

If you would like to learn more about Quick Disassembly or any of the other Manufacturing PowerPack Modules, please visit www.WilloWare.com or send an email to [email protected]

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