Brilliant Idea #13 Non-profit Organization Consolidates Information with Microsoft Dynamics GP

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Non-profit organizations need to deliver information to a wide range of people — at the lowest cost possible. Meeting both those requirements and serving over 24,000 community members makes for a real challenge.

Through an integrated system built on Microsoft Dynamics GP, a large non-profit manages Point of Sale, fundraising, payroll and time and attendance. No double entry. No reports cobbled together from multiple systems. One place for all of the organization’s information.

The committee members and governing bodies that make decisions for the organization have access to reporting that delivers in-depth information on programs, volunteering statistics, membership numbers and more. With better information, the organization spends more time and money delivering more services to an ever growing community.

Submitted by Collins Computing,

This is just one example of how to outsmart the competition using Microsoft Dynamics ERP. Download the full white paper today for more examples “25 Brilliant Ideas to Outsmart Your Competition with Microsoft Dynamics ERP” at as a PDF or MP3 audio.


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