Brilliant Idea #12 Bicycle Manufacturer Empowers Channel Sales with Microsoft Dynamics GP

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Responding to the growing connection with their end users, manufacturers are finding new ways to deliver real-time information to all their channels.

A specialty bike manufacturer serving bike shops, sales reps and consumers across the country wanted to share up-to-date product information on the latest cruiser bikes. The dealers and sales reps also needed access to real-time inventory, order tracking and history of their bike and bike accessories.

Since all the information needed from product pricing to stock levels were housed in their Microsoft Dynamics GP system, the sensible solution was to share that information.

Through an online ordering system directly connected to Microsoft Dynamics GP, products are grouped into catalogs and displayed online for sales reps, distributors and consumers to see 24/7. Sales reps can place orders online from the field and distributors can check the status of their orders.

Instead of entering orders, customer service personnel now spends 7 more hours each week helping customers and dealers get the most from their bikes. That’s how to win the race for sales.

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