Better Manage Your Back-Office and Reduce Costs with Outsourced Accounting

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When business owners wear multiple hats and handle lower level tasks, they can’t focus on growing their business. Now more than ever, it is time for businesses that want to survive today and thrive tomorrow to focus on their core – leaving the back office and administrative functions to someone else.

Due to the accessibility and cost effectiveness of outsourcing accounting functionalities many companies, big and small, are moving to outsourcing many of their back-office operations. Outsourcing accounting functions helps bridge the gap from the back-office to the front-office and can reduce costs while significantly increasing quality and efficiency. Outsourcing experts offer a broad range of services including accounting, billing, AP and payroll and often allow companies to take a bit of an a la carte approach selecting only those pieces required to address their business needs.

Whether your business uses leading ERP/accounting solutions like Microsoft Dynamics GP, SL, AX or NAV or not, you can benefit from outsourced accounting services. It’s a strategic business tool that can generate broad business benefits. Here are some of the top reasons why companies are using it:

  1. Save Money – Outsourced accounting can save your company up to 40% in costs. You will have less staff, which is a least one less salary with benefits that you are paying out.
  2. Reduce Risk – Accounting is a complicated area of business with many rules and regulations. Manage your liability by putting your financial information in expert hands.
  3. Free Up Your Time – All of that time spent collecting and reporting financial information will be freed up to focus on core business activities and growth.
  4. Manage Less Staff – You will have at least one less staff member to coach and invest in. That leads to saved time and money.
  5. Gain Greater Knowledge and Skillsets - Outsourcers tend to have access to more skilled individuals per function, allowing for greater depth of knowledge and breadth of ideas.
  6. Save on Office Space –Free-up space from the boxes of important financial records you are storing in your office and take advantage of outsourced accounting services where you can securely backup and access all your documents electronically off-site.
  7. Only Pay For Services You Use – You are not obligated to pay for services you don’t need, and you can add services as your business changes and grows.

Outsourcing can help maximize internal operating efficiencies and focus your vital resources towards what is most important - your business goals. Interested in learning how you can benefit? Contact the experts at Borek Business Solutions for a free 30 minute evaluation of your accounting practices and see if it’s a fit for you.

By Roger Borek, Borek Business Solutions, Dynamics ERP Implementation and Support, Oregon

2 thoughts on “Better Manage Your Back-Office and Reduce Costs with Outsourced Accounting”

  1. Hello,

    After 18 years working in industry, I have decided to leave the corporate world and set up my own accounting outsourcing firm to support SMEs.

    I need help deciding what ERP to use. The main features I will require for the ERP to have is

    - Multi-company accounting
    - A robust reporting suite to cover different industries
    - Tax preparation
    - Regulations Compliance

    Is this something that your firm can help with?

    Please note that I will be operation from Zambia. What would be the implications around support?

    Best Regards,


  2. Thanks Roger for sharing the post. Outsourcing back office services helps organizations to focus on core components of business, immediate access to services and technology, reduced costs and flexible resource management etc.

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