4 New Business Challenges Ushering In Cloud ERP Solutions

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There’s no question that there is a lot of buzz about the cloud, especially for businesses.  But what makes the cloud a good solution for organizations right now?

We’ve discovered 4 key indicators in the market that are ushering in the era of cloud business management solutions, including Cloud ERP Solutions:

  • The increasing consumerization of IT primarily through mobile devices
  • Increasingly distributed workforces, whether it is mobile sales people or remote employees in virtual offices
  • Under-utilized IT infrastructure that cannot be scaled to business needs
  • Complex infrastructure that is costly to maintain and diverts funds from the bottom line

In a recent webcast, “ERP in the Cloud or in My Server Room – What’s Best for My Business?,” Frank Nisenboum of Socius explained these challenges in a little more detail.  See that clip below:

If your business is facing these or other challenges and you want to see if a Cloud ERP solution might be the answer, view the complete webcast on demand here.

By Socius, a Cloud ERP Solutions provider in Ohio (https://www.cloudtechnology.com/)

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