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12 Steps to Secure Dynamics GP Word Templates

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Microsoft moved to the Word template functionality to provide improvements over the current report generation tool Report Writer.  Some of the improvements are:

  • Better support for graphics such as logos
  • The report can be formatted to any font.
  • One can add various Microsoft Word Features such as watermarks to your documents.
  • You can have various versions of word template like Invoices and POs assigned to your customers/vendors or customer/vendor class groups.
  • Ability for a user to make simple changes like font size, colours and other Word features without the need to learn the Report Writer program.

The main drawback from our customers who wanted to implement the new functionality was that reports generated from GP to Word allowed the end user to make changes to the Word document thus compromising the integrity of the report.   I wanted to spread the word that there is a way to add security to your Word Template to prevent the reports from Dynamics GP from being changed.

I have outlined below the steps when using Microsoft Word 2007 software.

  1. Make a backup copy your GP Word templates
  2. Open a GP word template in Word program.
  3. Click Review tab on the Word menu
  4. Click on Restrict Document button
  5. Select Restrict Formatting and Editing
  6. On the right of the screen you will see a new box appear called Restrict Formatting and Editing.  Select Option 2 called Editing restrictions by placing check mark in the box.
  7. Leave the setting in the drop down to ‘No Changes (Ready Only)
  8. Click the button ‘Yes, Start Enforcing Protection
  9. The Start Enforcing Protection box will appear.
  10. Select the password option and then enter a password in both boxes and click ok.
  11. Save the document
  12. In Report Template Maintenance window upload the template.


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BDO Solutions is a national firm with local practices throughout Canada, a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and Reseller of the Year in Canada for 2010, 2011 and 2012.

By Lisa Gorelow, Dynamics GP Consultant, BDO Solutions, leading Canadian Microsoft Dynamics ERP & CRM Partner.

One Response to “12 Steps to Secure Dynamics GP Word Templates”

  1. Patrick says:


    I would like to find out if the users can copy and paste the document and then modify it in another word document.

    I have try your 12 steps and I am able to copy the document and then modify it, but I can’t edit it on the original document.

    Do you have a solution for that?


    Patrick Kalemba

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