10 Tips and Tricks for Using SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) - Part 2 Managing

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Part 2 of 3: Managing
This is the second in our series of three SSRS Tips & Tricks blogs.  For those of you who missed the first section, you can find it here –
Part 1: Viewing & Using

This section deals with Tips & Tricks on managing your SSRS reports and website and includes Tips 4-6.

4.       Use linked reports with hidden parameters to make security easier and avoid extra report writing
Managing reports in SSRS can be time consuming, especially if you have a lot of custom needs.  Writing all of these reports could require a full time resource.  Fortunately, due to the linked reports and hidden parameters features, you may not have to rewrite a lot of report that you think you need.   Linked reports allow you to make a copy of a report that already exists.  It pulls the data and the formatting from the existing report, but allows you to change parameters, titles or put them in a different location.  You can then set default and hidden parameters so that the user only sees what data you have allowed them to pull.


SSRS Part 2-2









Historical Aged Trial Balance


5.       Create folders and use linked reports to avoid a lot of security maintenance
To take the last tip one step further, I can also create new folders and put reports there in order to simplify security.  In the screenshots below, you will notice that I have moved the linked report into its own folder.  This allows me to only grant the specified user security to that specific folder.  This will eliminate a lot of time of managing which specific reports users can see and keep you from breaking a lot of the parent/child security ties.

Create a new linked report













Select a Folder6.       Create subscriptions to easily get users the information that they need
Any report that exists in SSRS will give you the ability to have subscriptions tied to them.  Subscriptions allow you to automatically run reports and have them sent to a file share or via email to an end user.  You can specify parameters within the subscriptions and then the users will only receive the files for what you have defined.  You can default any parameter that you have created in your custom report or any that are currently available in any of the standard reports.   Every time the report is run, it pulls the most current data from GP, so you could also be saving a lot of time for your accounting staff.

Interested in learning more?  We offer classroom training on SSRS at InterDyn Artis on a quarterly basis.  We offer a SSRS introduction class, which covers viewing and management of reports as well as a brief introduction to Report Builder, and a SSRS advanced class, which works in Visual Studio and teaches the user how to create more complex reports.

Look for Part 3: Creating coming soon!

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