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Save Money by Switching to a Cloud Hosted Solution

Do you manage your financial accounting using an on premise solution? Are you spending a lot of money on licensing?

WebSan Solutions offers business the option of switching to a cloud hosting solution.  They offer faster deployment options when compared to on-premise.  You can save on licensing because you have access to your data through the web. No need to purchase hardware or software. You need to pay a low monthly fee, which helps you manage cash flow.

Frequently Asked Questions

WebSan Solutions Inc. is a cloud Microsoft Dynamics Certified Partner and IT consulting and solutions provider. In their web-based time and expense portal they have added the FAQ page to tackle commonly asked client inquires. This new enhancement will reduce their IT costs and create more productivity for their clients. This system is very easy to use because of its simple design and user friendly navigation.

Paperless Office for expense reports

WebSan Solutions has also added a new document upload feature in the time and expense portal. This new feature allows employees to scan receipts and attach them to an expense report in the portal. When a manager is ready to approve it, they can automatically see the receipt. The document upload works in real time, so there’s no need to submit an expense then send in your receipts by mail to the office. You can now also use a tablet (iPad, Android) to take a picture of your receipt and still attach it to your expenses.

“Are clients have realized tremendous time savings and efficiencies from being able to upload expense receipts from a tablet or mobile device.” stated Andrew King, Managing Director.

To see WebSan Solutions time and expense portal in action, click this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MCu3BM3DInA&feature=player_embedded

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