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Scribe Insight, a Great Option for Integrating Dynamics GP with industry-specific software

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    Many businesses benefit from industry-specific front-end software - medical billing systems for hospitals, point-of-sale (POS) systems for retailers, for example - but find themselves lost when it comes to integrating that software with their ERP solution. Here is some information to keep in mind as you think about integrating your new industry software with Dynamics GP.

    If you have used an industry-specific software package, you may know that they generally offer limited or no back-end accounting functionality – which is where Dynamics GP comes in. Integrating your front-end software with Dynamics GP gives you an industry-tailored solution backed up by a world-class financial/accounting management system.

    The challenge is integrating these systems. You have several options.

    Integration Manager.  Dynamics GP has traditionally offered ‘Integration Manager’ as a relatively simple use module for data migration and integrations. While it may be fairly suited for some integrations, this option offers limited functionality and with the new release of Dynamics GP 2013, a much higher price tag.

    eConnect.  If you’re willing to brave a more technically strenuous solution, Microsoft eConnect may be for you. eConnect offers great flexibility and provides API addresses available for web service integrations. But unless you have a highly technical development team, this option can be complex, time consuming, risky and expensive. Microsoft’s Biztalk Server, a similar option, is also generally too complex and expensive for midsized customers.

    Looking for a better option? Look at Scribe.

    At Crestwood, Scribe is our go-to solution for Dynamics GP integrations. It’s flexible, robust, fast to implement, easy to manage, and economical.

    Scribe has three major components:

    • The Workbench to build the integrations
    • The Integration Server to run the integrations
    • The Console to manage the integrations

    The Workbench is a graphic user interface used to create data mapping documents. Our clients find the environment fairly intuitive and are able to easily build and deploy integration maps without coding. Users can quickly create reusable templates and then configure them for the specific needs of each deployment.

    You can define your source and target connection information, and use rules and logic to create integrations, with many options to insert, update, insert, convert, filter, match or stop data transfers.

    The Integration Server provides automated processes to monitor and detect events, process messages, and create alerts. It’s also responsible for error logging, persisted settings, cross reference tables, and system monitoring.

    Process automation precisely defines an event to trigger the integration including fixed time scheduling and near real-time polling of net data change in a queue.

    The Console is the integration management user interface for the Integration Server. It provides notification for business level events and integration errors. It also includes detailed error logging and exception handling on which processes succeeded or failed during integration.

    To sum up the process: once the integration maps and routines are built in the Workbench, the Integration Server runs pretty much automatically with the Console used to manage and address any exceptions.

    Templates:  To speed along the integration process, the Scribe Dynamics GP Adapter comes with prebuilt templates to build integrations that conform to GP business process rules.

    Easy. With Scribe you get all of eConnect’s flexibility with none of the risk or the development cost. Because it’s built on eConnect, Scribe contains the business rules for creating documents and processing transactions within Dynamics GP. Pre-built Scribe adaptors are available for many GP records including Customers, Vendors, Sales Orders, Purchase Orders, General Ledger, Field Service Calls, Bank Reconciliation, Fixed Assets, Inventory, Payables, Payroll, Project Accounting, and Receivables.

    Interface with anything. Scribe tools can facilitate interface from Dynamics GP with any other application because it supports communication with a variety of data sources including applications, databases, messages, and files including web services interfaces, OLE DB providers, XML messaging, or proprietary APIs.

    Once an integration is successfully deployed, Scribe will continue to be a low cost, low effort solution to maintain data integration indefinitely.

    For more info about Scribe, contact Crestwood Associates, experts at Scribe for Illinois businesses (and one of Scribe’s top 5 partners in North America). We offer complete Scribe services including consulting, training, coaching, debugging, and complete Scribe deployment and implementation.

    John Fischer, Crestwood Associates LLC – an Illinois/Indiana/Iowa Dynamics GP and SL Partner

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