New Reporting Solution for GP: Jet Express

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Based on the great success Jet Express has had with reporting for NAV, Jet Express for GP is set to launch at this year’s Microsoft Convergence seminar!

 Jet Express is a FREE reporting solution download for GP customers. It’s Excel based and can report from one or multiple tables.


What’s exciting about Jet Express?

- Create reports in minutes with no advanced programming skills needed

- Provide dozens of valuable reports with insight to the health and operations of your business

- Gather info on key areas including finance, sales, accounts receivable and more

- Pull data from any table, any field and any SQL view into a concise Excel table format to create the reports you need

- Combine data from any table, view or field you have access to in GP

- Reports can be refreshed for up-to-the-minute data.

 The download will be available closer to Convergence.

 Jet Express provides a refreshing take on reporting in GP!

 Want to hear more? Watch the intro video!

 To learn more about Jet Express and what it can do for your business, visit their web site!

 For more information about this exciting new feature, contact Crestwood Associates!


Allegra Gallian, Crestwood Associates, LLC – an Illinois/Indiana/Iowa Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner


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