New Data Mart Feature in Management Reporter 2012 Helps Speed Up the Reporting Process

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Management Reporter 2012, the latest version of the financial reporting application included with Microsoft Dynamics GP, brings with it a wide variety of new features.  One of these new features is something called “Data Mart.” When you install Management Reporter 2012, you’ll be asked whether you want to use “Data Mart” or “Legacy.”   But, unless you’re a “techno-geek”, I’m guessing your eyes will glaze over and you will feel a sense of frustration when your IT person asks which of these you would like them to install.  So, this blog post is dedicated to giving our readers a quick, not too technical, explanation of the difference between the “Data Mart” and “Legacy” options available in Management Reporter.

Essentially the difference between these two boils down to how financial data is pulled from Dynamics GP into your financial reports:


  • The old method (Legacy) pulls numbers directly from your Dynamics GP accounting system’s data tables and calculates balances “on the fly”.  This has been a “tried and true” method of financial reporting, but can be a bit slow, especially for multi-company or multi-dimensional reports that use large reporting trees.


  • The new method (Data Mart) stores summarized numbers in its own SQL database instead of reaching into your GP database each time.  For instance, let’s say you have a reporting tree with departments A, B and C and those departments are in a company that has periods 1 through 12 in the year 2013.   Data Mart will store summarized balances for each department for each of the twelve periods in the year.  And, reports generated using Data Mart can grab those summarized balances instead of calculating them during report processing, which in turn increases reporting speed.


I hope that helps you understand the new Management Reporter 2012 Data Mart feature a little better!

At Intelligent Technologies, we have extensive experience with Management Reporter 2012 and Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains.  If you’re interested in learning more about Dynamics GP or Management Reporter, please visit our website or contact us.  We are happy to help with any of your Microsoft Dynamics GP needs!


Beth Hodge, Microsoft Business Management Solutions Professional, Intelligent Technologies, Inc., a South Carolina Microsoft Dynamics GP reseller.

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