How New Businesses Are Getting a Boost from the Cloud

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There is a lot of buzz around the cloud and cloud computing, but is it really helping businesses grow?  The answer is YES!

Start-ups and new businesses especially are seeing benefits from deploying business systems, like ERP software, in the cloud.  In a recent study, Rackspace found that 43% of entrepreneurs with new businesses said that the availability of cloud-based resources made it “a lot easier” to get their businesses set up and nearly 50% boasted that cloud computing helped position their business to compete with larger organizations.

How does the cloud support the growth of start-ups?  According to the business leaders themselves:

  • It saves costs by helping companies avoid IT infrastructure expenses (58% agree)
  • It offers the ability to scale up cost effectively (48% agree)
  • It’s can be easier to deploy, use and manage than on-premise solutions (46% agree)
  • It gives business owners the ability to purchase only what they need without paying for unused elements or services (45% agree)
  • It frees up employee time from dealing with IT issues which leads to productivity gains (41% agree)
  • It provides a feeling of control over IT spending (38% agree)
  • It helps business leaders manage cash flow by offering predictable monthly costs (36% agree)
  • It helps start-ups access the same caliber of services and solutions as larger competitors (24% agree)

You can realize some of these benefits in your own business with a Microsoft Dynamics ERP solution deployed in the cloud. Click here to see pricing information.

By Socius, a Cloud ERP partner in Ohio

Source:  Cloudtalk, Feb. 28, 2013

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