Why Governments Adopt Technology at a Slower Pace

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In the public sector, government organizations are under a tremendous amount of pressure to reduce spending while still pushing out better, faster results. The concept of "doing more with less" has been echoed throughout every level of government, and taxpayers are demanding more efficiency and better service.


In the private sector, which has also been under economic pressure and consumer scrutiny, one solution has been a heavier investment in technology in order to produce more efficiently while providing consumers with more convenience. Governments, on the other hand, tend to be late adopters, taking much longer to latch on to new technologies such as cloud computing. This slow adoption rate has incurred the criticism of many users, but some of that criticism may be unfair.


Unlike private companies, governments must deal with the need for more transparency and accountability. There are more regulations and restrictions to tackle. Moreover, the government is fiscally accountable to the public, and all expenditure will be questioned.


Despite the odds against it, governments are making good strides in technology adoption. For example, Biscay County in Spain has developed online portals that allow residents to submit and check the status of applications for 100 different services. Charlotte, North Carolina's digital service initiative for the 2012 Democratic National convention gave the city the power to accept permit requests online, a system which it now uses for other major city events.


Microsoft Dynamics partners with governments around the world as they adopt new technology that helps provide more efficient and user-friendly services to their citizens. Just like dynamic businesses, the dynamic governments  are empowered and able to realize their full potential, helping citizens have better lives without spending more taxpayer money.


Source: Technology Adoption Slower, But Certain In Government -- And For Good Reason, by Joel Cherkis

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