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The Driver’s License of ERP Software Selection

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Independence as a teenager was validated by a photo ID allowing you to drive a motorized vehicle. Maybe you respected that independence by carefully following the rules of the road, maybe you didn't, but the responsibility was great.  The same rules apply for enterprise resource planning (ERP) software implementations.

To drive safely, you need to attend driver’s education, have a safe vehicle, and pay attention to the road.  Just as those learning how to drive will attend driver’s education classes, you need to learn the options available to you when migrating to ERP.  There are many software solutions out there and your best bet is to be educated by an independent software provider about the solutions that are most likely to suit your business needs.  Together, you can discuss your specific business operations and goals, information that you currently capture and may want to capture, and key metrics important to monitoring strategic goals.  Your software provider can share with you some options, the pros and cons to those software solutions, and guide you toward a solution that will match your business needs and goals.

Once you’ve chosen a software solution, such as Microsoft Dynamics® GP, you will be able to control your business needs, just like driving a car.  You and your team will enter, share, and analyze data about your business from bumper-to-bumper.  You can monitor financials, supply chain, manufacturing, project and services management, human resources and payroll, and more.  Just like checking your car gauges, Microsoft Dynamics GP also offers robust business intelligence and reporting features.  You can keep an eye on key metrics, budgets, and goals, in real time, so you can make the necessary changes to keep your goals on track – similar to making sure you don’t run out of gas and get stranded.

Once you’ve been given the keys to the car, or your ERP software, you can enjoy the freedom of being on the road – literally and figuratively.  With certain ERP software, you can access your data when you are on the road.  You can meet with customers and access important data using many mobile devices.  Check on product descriptions, pricing, and order status, when you are with your customer, instead of waiting to get back to the office.  Having access to up-to-the-minute data about customer accounts improves your productivity and impresses your customers with the quick service.

Driving a vehicle is a great convenience and also a great responsibility.  Operating ERP software also provides a high level of convenience, as well as responsibility.  Organizing your important business data in a single software solution will improve productivity, give you greater control and insight in your business, as well as impress your customers.  Contact Rimrock Corporation for more information about your ERP options and how to obtain your ERP ‘license to drive’:


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