New Drill-down Feature in Management Reporter for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013

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Management Reporter is a great tool in Microsoft Dynamics GP for creating reports. Think of it as report generator that front-line staff —managers, executives, sales — can use without having to know any SQL. Working with its easy-to-use interface, a non-technical person can define columns and rows, mapping the report fields to the appropriate Dynamics GP records.  To make it even easier, the Reporter also comes with standard templates for balances and income statements that can be selected from a report wizard.

With the new Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013, the Management Reporter has added a powerful new end-user feature for drilling down into the generated reports. Sure here has been a drill-down capability in Reporter: you could click on an Accounts Receivable amount on a report page to peek into the GL transactions supporting it.

But in MS Dynamics GP 2013, you now can launch the actual GP detailed inquiry interface when clicking on a report field — rather than bringing up another static report page. So if an Accounts Receivable amount doesn't look right on the report, you can directly view the transactions in the GP inquiry interface, and then make changes or corrections as needed.

And this can all be done while working within the Management Reporter!

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