Microsoft Dynamics GP vs. Intacct

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Businesses today looking to cut IT costs are migrating software services to the cloud. This has led many companies to evaluate cloud based accounting solutions such as Intacct as an alternative to Microsoft Dynamics GP. If you are looking at these two packages, there are 3 main areas you should factor:

On-Premise vs. Cloud

One of the biggest selling points of cloud based solutions such as Intacct is no upfront software costs, fast implementation, and no new hardware to purchase and maintain. While this is true, you should also keep in mind that if you need to integrate 3rd party software with your accounting solution, it may not be feasible with a cloud based solution. Depending on your industry, you should also factor in any regulatory compliance issues you may have with having your data hosted.


Generally speaking, you can delay upgrades longer with on-premise solutions then you can with the cloud. When cloud solutions like Intacct release a new version, you typically have a 6 month window in which you must make the switch. With Dynamics GP, you can stay on a previous version and receive support for at least a year, sometimes longer.


There are many variables in figuring the difference between Intacct pricing and Dynamics GP pricing. Intacct is on a named user basis, whereas Dynamics GP is concurrent user. Plus, as alluded to earlier, there are significant differences in implementation and server costs. On the other hand, Intacct is subscription based, meaning you will be paying for as long as you use the software, whereas with Dynamics GP you own the licenses and pay a maintenance fee. Make sure you do a full Total Cost of ownership analysis before making a decision.

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