Microsoft Dynamics GP Proves it Delivers Productivity

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Are your employees hampered by inefficient business processes?  Do they struggle to communicate with others in different functional areas of the organization?  Are they spending too much time trying to access data that may not even be accurate?

If your answer to any of these questions is “yes”, then your employees are not able to be as productive as they could be.

Fortunately, you can ease the burdens on your employees and empower them to become more productive simply by equipping them with the right tools.  Panorama Consulting has found in two recent studies that one of the top reasons organizations cite for purchasing a new ERP solution is so that they can make their employees' jobs easier.

Microsoft Dynamics GP is an ERP solution that not only promises to ease the burden on employees and make them more productive – it delivers on that promise.  When we ask our clients using Microsoft Dynamics GP what benefits they get from the software, more often than not, they share ways that their employees are saving time and effort which in turn saves the organization costs by reducing the need for additional staff.

Here are a few examples:

"We now have one person preparing our invoices. From start to finish it takes about a week. Without Microsoft Dynamics GP, it would easily take four to five people all month to complete the process."
Read the BioStorage Technologies case study

“We have over 7000 transactions that recur every month and the only solution that was really out there that could help us was Microsoft Dynamics GP. To start out with we saved FTE equivalents of about half an FTE from processing lockbox transactions alone.”
View the Valued Relationships Inc. video

“The efficiency gains are enormous.  We produce several thousand proposals every year. Before, the process involved in generating each new proposal and subsequent contract consumed an hour and a half of employee time. Now it takes 10 minutes. We are literally saving thousands of hours annually. We’ve eliminated the need to hire additional administrative staff to keep up with the workload.”
Read the Divisions case study

 “Every week, each of the eight people in the meeting saves 40 minutes — that’s a significant savings.”
Read the Neundorfer case study and watch their video

 “The business logic and automation we have put into place is saving us about 50 labor hours every week.”
Read the Sarnova case study

“That’s the biggest benefit: our company has grown three fold and department has only grown by two people.”
Watch the LPK video

“What we did before was that we had manually allocate the benefit expenses to each county and then each site underneath that. That process took us approximately two and a half days and, of course, with the manual process, you are open to incurring many errors. The new process that Socius recommended that we go with does this for us, therefore saving us quite a bit amount of time as well as giving us accurate information.”
View the Consumer Support Services video

While the warehouse staff was reduced from 70 to 37 workers, the company is fulfilling 2½ times the previous fulfillment rate as a result of technology tool gains and changes in business practices!
Read the Restaurant Equippers case study and view their video

“We could see immediately that we were able to give our payables employee a bare minimum of 8 hours a week back and also in our payroll department, I’d say another 4 hours, so if you can quantify 12 hours a week times 52 weeks, it’s a real return on investment on our end.”
Watch the Wingspan Care Group video

How can Microsoft Dynamics GP make your employees’ jobs easier and make them more productive?  Request a demo today and see for yourself!

By Socius, a Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner in Ohio

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