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One area in which the FRx financial reporting tool was lacking was in the process of creating a new report. FRx allowed us to drop in all of the accounts from GP and then it was pretty much up to us to perform the formatting and grouping of the accounts into the proper categories.

With Management Reporter new reports can be created in a much easier fashion. Management Reporter includes a new Report Wizard. When opened, the wizard will first prompt for the type of report you are creating,(Balance Sheet, Income Statement, etc); next the wizard walks us through the different categories on the report and allows us to define which accounts should go into each of the different areas of the report (Assets, Liabilities (short/long), Revenue, Expenses, etc.). As you go, the system “builds” the report with the definitions you use.

After the accounts are defined, we can then adjust sorting and order of the accounts. We can also apply some straight forward formatting (bold, font types, etc.). Once the base report is completed we can then open it up in Management Reporter Report Designer and make any necessary adjustment to the final version. With Management Reporter we now have the ability to create a quick base report and then expand from there; whereas in the old FRx system we were left with creating a report from scratch. If you would like any assistance with using the Report Wizard in MR, or if you would like any general Financial Report designing help, give us a call at Intelligent Technologes and we will be happy to help.

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