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Making the Supply Chain Appealing to the Next Generation of Workers

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You and I can probably agree that being a Chief Supply Chain Officer wasn't on our list of 'things to be when you grow up'.  This article puts that into context, yet sheds some interesting light on the industry…maybe our kids will take an interest in this important part of business.

Supply chain management is in the spotlight a lot these days.  Business leaders are beginning to notice the benefits of paying close attention to the supply chain – which can mean the difference between a profit or a loss, or even just squeezing a little more out of your profit margins.  In “When I Grow Up I Want To Be a Chief Supply Chain Officer,” posted on, by Bill DuBois, DuBois noticed a theme from attending the CSCO Summit in the fall – that businesses need a Supply Chain strategy to reduce costs, but also to develop “Shareholder Value.”  You are more likely to reach your goals with a plan in place, and the guidelines to implement and monitor that plan.

ERP software can get your supply chain organized and make your data meaningful.  Knowing your most reliable vendors, optimizing procurement, and timing purchases will give you greater control over inventory, a great place to shave costs.  You will also have greater control over scheduling and manufacturing activities so you can work efficiently and deliver quickly.  For example, Microsoft Dynamics GP offers management capabilities for your supply chain, manufacturing, project and services management, as well as financials, and other core business operations.  An integrated software solution, like Microsoft Dynamics GP, will give you deeper insight into your business functions so you know where you can cut costs and make the improvements that will boost your bottom line.

As DuBois mentioned, today’s supply chain is different from our parent’s supply chain.  It is far easier to reach businesses across the country, and even overseas, to get the raw materials or products we need for our customers.  As we expand our network, as well as our offerings to our customers, we increase the complexity of our supply chain, which introduces challenges and risks – which is what makes being a supply chain manager more interesting.  Playing a substantial role in your company is a great responsibility that can be a little nerve-wracking, as well as exciting.  I’m not sure if my kid will follow in my footsteps, but at least he’ll know my job isn’t just a boring desk job.  Contact Perimeter Business Solutions for additional information about developing a supply chain strategy and reaching your supply chain goals with Microsoft Dynamics GP:

By Mark D. Kosakowski of Perimeter Business Solutions, Atlanta, Georgia Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner (

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