How Can a New Business Win with Dynamics ERP?

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When you are setting your expectations for what you will get out of a new business management solution, like a Microsoft Dynamics ERP software system, you are aligning your requirements or issues that you need to resolve with the benefits that the software company is promising you will receive.

It’s a process that every organization looking for a new ERP solution goes through – whether you are switching from a legacy system, looking to step-up from an introductory solution, or picking your first software system for your new business.

The Ohio Machine, a Major League Lacrosse team that is currently preparing for its second season, shared with Microsoft (via their submission in the Win to Grow video contest) exactly how they perceive a Microsoft Dynamics ERP software system will help them grow their business and win on and off the field.  They anticipate that Dynamics ERP will:

  • Give them the flexibility to grow with their business
  • Provide reports at the push of a button rather than spending hours manually pulling the data (like they are now)
  • Automate the tracking of payments and invoices, removing the risk of human error
  • Be easy to use and easy to integrate with other systems like ticketing and point of sale for merchandising and concessions
  • Integrate with CRM so that they more seamlessly track their interactions with their fans and keep them loyal

Not only can you help your own organization meet your unique requirements with benefits provided by Dynamics ERP, but you can also help The Ohio Machine realize these benefits for their own organization.  All you need to do is vote for their video here!

If you would like help assessing your own needs to see how a Dynamics ERP solution can benefit your own organization, request a complimentary Business Strategy Assessment today!

By Socius, a Microsoft Dynamics ERP Partner in Ohio

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