GP2013: Top 3 Inventory Features You’ve Been Waiting For – Inactivate Items, Reason Codes, and Reconcile to GL.

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In GP2013 you now have the ability to Inactivate Items.

Where: Item Maintenance is where you can mark and unmark the Inactivate box.

Use:  Once inactivated that item cannot be used in SOP Orders, Invoices, or Backorders.  It cannot be used on PO’s, Invoicing Invoices, and you cannot do an Increase Adjustment in Inventory Transactions.  You can, however, do a decrease Adjustment.

Reports and Inquiries:  Inactive items can be turned off in lookups and many reports.


In GP2013 you now have Reason Codes to identify more information about an inventory move.

Where:  Inventory Transaction entry

Use: When setting up Reason Codes, you can assign a GL Account number that relates to that Reason Code thereby simplifying the data entry.  The GL Account is a required field in Reason Code Setup, however, Reason Codes on the transactions are not required.

Reports and Inquires: Reason codes print on many posting journals and can be viewed in many inquiry windows.


In GP 2013 there is a new tool to Reconcile Inventory to the GL

Where: Financial Routines

Use: When the Historical Inventory Trial Balance report doesn’t match to GL, use this Excel tool to find matched, unmatched, and potentially matched transactions.  Use the drill back capability from within the Excel tool to drill back into the original transaction in GP.  Save the reconciliation and use it later if you don’t complete the work right away.

Note: The HITB report must be installed because this Excel tool uses the HITB transactional data to match to the GL transactions.

Reports and Inquiries: This tool is an expansion of the Reconcile to GL AR and AP Excel Reports.

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