Five New Exciting Features to Explore in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013

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There have been many new features and updates added since Microsoft released Dynamics GP 2013. These are a few of the exciting new additions to help your business work to its full potential!


1. Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 now allows you to balance ledgers easily with sub-ledger reconciliation. Dynamics GP 2013 automatically identifies discrepancies between the general ledger and sub-ledgers. This eliminates tedious, manual inventory and bank reconciliation processes.

2. New to GP 2013 is the ability to select your printer at the time of printing. You can choose one printer for balance sheets, another for checks and another for invoices. This new printing option allows for flexibility and ease.

3. GP 2013 is also now equipped with a Business Analyzer dashboard on the homepage and is now easily accessible over the web. You can now quickly track key performance indicators, anticipate opportunities, delegate tasks, view your sales, among other features. The Business Analyzer delivers role-specific information so you can pinpoint relevant details, collaborate and take action right from the Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 home page.

4. With the new document attach feature, you can connect relevant contact  information such as details, pictures, notes or contracts directly to a transaction or line item. This gives your employees, customers and suppliers the information they need right when they need it.

5. Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 now lets you track your assets in a way that works for you. Track and report fixed assets based on your fiscal calendar, which eliminates the process of creating financial statements and tax filings. You can also assess correctly with the new fixed assets historical depreciation report. You get visibility into historical fixed assets depreciation values to simplify month and year end closings.


To learn even more about the updates and enhancements, attend our Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 Launch Event March 5, 2013 in Schaumburg, IL or March 6, 2013 in South Bend, IN.


If you have any questions or would like to discuss Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013, please contact us today!


Donna Krizik, Crestwood Associates, LLC – an Illinois/Indiana/Iowa Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner


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