Favorite New Features in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 – Short Training Videos Too!

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Sometimes the simple things are what make a day better. In that spirit, here are some of my favorite new features in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013. Having worked closely with clients on supporting and training their end users for many years, this new release of Microsoft Dynamics GP is hands down, my favorite. I really like the new enhancements and improved functionality of Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 and I am excited to share this. See this list of favorites below, with links to easy-to-follow videos demonstrating the features (click in the heading to access the YouTube videos). They may seem simple but they will make a big, positive impact on your experience.


Select a Printer
It sounds so simple, but at the time you are printing the report in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013, you have the ability to select the printer of your choice. Previously, before printing a report you had to remember to switch to the printer you wanted to use before starting the process. Now, when you print to screen or print directly to a printer, the Windows Print dialog box appears and you have all your available options. Also, if you are printing a form, such as a check or a purchase order, horizontal and vertical alignment options are available.


Clear Balances of Unit Accounts during Year-End Close Process
Do you keep track of statistical information in your GL? In Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 you now have the ability to clear the balance for the unit account during the year-end close process. The unit account is used to track statistical information in the general ledger, such as head count or square footage. In the demonstration video, I use an example from one of our clients who keeps track of event attendees in the unit account, and they need a zero balance at the start of every new year. With this enhancement to Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013, you can mark the “Clear Balance during Year-End Close” option in the Unit Account Maintenance window to zero out the balance. If this option is unmarked, the balance for the account is carried forward to the next year during the year-end close process.


Reconcile Sub-Ledgers to General Ledger
Another simple but helpful, new feature of Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013, is the ability to reconcile sub-ledgers to the General Ledger for Inventory and Bank Reconciliation, as you can now do with Payables Management and Receivables Management. This is a streamlined, easier way to match transactions in General Ledger with the originating transactions in the other modules using the Reconcile to GL window to generate a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. The reconcile routine will not change data automatically, but helps you identify those transactions which may need to be corrected. This is a very nice feature for when you need to get to the bottom of why a sub-ledger does not tie to the general ledger.


Reprint Remittance Forms and Check Stubs
If your vendor calls and says, “We lost the payment check information you sent us,” you will now be able to reprint the remittance forms and check stubs. This favorite new feature in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2103 allows you to reprint remittance forms and check stubs for posted check payments entered in the Payables Transaction Entry window and for computer checks. These re-created reports will contain all of the details from the original document as long as the original was printed, the payment isn't voided or history isn't deleted. In those cases, the re-created report will not contain all of the original detail.


Fixed Assets Depreciation Detail and Fixed Assets Depreciation Ledger Reports
For anyone using Fixed Assets, there is a big new benefit with Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013. Now you have the ability to reprint a depreciation ledger at a particular point in time, as of that date. When printing the Fixed Assets Depreciation Detail report or the Fixed Assets Depreciation Ledger report, you can enter a cutoff date and have the depreciation Amounts calculated through that date. For example, if you select End of Previous Month, the report includes depreciation transactions as of the last day of the
Previous month. This allows you to print the report using a defined historical date. Small change, with a big, helpful impact!


Stay tuned for more of my favorite features in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 and the short training videos I’ll be sharing.


By Lyndy Januszewski of Sikich, a Microsoft Dynamics ERP and CRM partner in the Chicagoland area for Microsoft Dynamics GP, Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Microsoft Dynamics AX and Microsoft Dynamics CRM

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