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Excel Based Reports and ODCs in Dynamics GP

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In Dynamics GP version 10, Microsoft released a set of Excel based reports that use connections into the GP databases to pull data directly into Excel spreadsheets. There is a set of reports for each module in the GP system (Purchasing, Sales, Financial, etc.). This allows us to pull live data from the database into Excel spreadsheets. The reports are pre-formatted so that they include Excel filters for sorting and searching the data pulled into the spreadsheet.

As I mentioned the Excel based reports are connecting to the GP database via connections referred to as Office Data Connections. These ODCs are tailored to the data we are looking to pull. For example, if we wanted to specifically pull in late vendor shipments or today’s payments, there are ODCs specifically tailored to pull that data.
There are many ODCs created “out of the box” during deployment; but the really nice thing is that the Excel reports can be modified to include data we need that may be missing from the predefined reports. We simply have to save the Excel report and then make any changes to the new version. This protects our changes from being over- written should someone redeploy the reports.

Excel based reports are another way that Microsoft Dynamics continues to provide meaningful data to end users whether logged in to GP or just using Excel spreadsheets. If you would like some assistance deploying your Excel reports, or would like to discuss modifications to the existing reports, contact us at Intelligent Technologies and we will be glad to help.

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