Capture More Sales: Checkout Tips for your Microsoft Dynamics GP E-Commerce Storefront

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We live in a fast-paced world where consumers seek efficiency and convenience. They are interested in technologies that let them instantly access things like bank accounts or online bill pay portals. When this idea is applied to an e-commerce website built on top of Microsoft Dynamics GP, consumers not only expect a business to have an online storefront, but one that is efficient, convenient and navigable. One element that will help is having a streamlined checkout process. Follow these tips to ensure you do not lose a consumer before they make a purchase.

For starters, your checkout page must be clean and organized. Do not ask too much information of the consumer, as this might scare them away. For example, if the purchase being made is for a digital item, consumer shipping information is irrelevant. It is also a good idea to provide the ability to check out as a guest rather than requiring an account to be made. A one page guest checkout built into your web store makes completing purchases a quick and easy process for your customers.

According to KISSmetrics, 44 percent of visitors abandon carts because of shipping fees. That being said, consider offering promotional offers on shipping and handling to your customers. Through a promo pricing feature, you could offer free shipping to consumers who spend a specified amount. At the very least, be sure to include a shipping rate calculator as part of your e-commerce solution.

Another beneficial tool for a web store is a variety of payment options. Find an e-payment solution for your Microsoft Dynamics ERP that allows customers to pay using credit card or ACH checks. That solution should be PA-DSS certified so obtaining PCI compliance on your end is easier. These features will offer consumers flexibility and ensure that their sensitive data is secure.

When consumers are browsing your web store, make it easy for them to find what they are looking for. For example, features such as related products or linked attributes will make searching easier. Start by grouping like items together by characteristics like color series or style, this will allow customers to browse a large SKU inventory with ease. One step further would be to add linked attributes. This means providing a way for consumers to shop through products by specifying criteria in customized dropdown menus. For example, linked attributes would allow a customer interested in a specific type of shoes to find only brown dress shoes with a heel height of three inches that are in stock. The attributes in this case would be style, color and heel height. Another way to capture more sales is by showing related products. This means displaying items similar to the one currently being viewed in a separate web part on the product page. This could be done by linking similar inventory items using a built-in feature of your e-commerce solution. All three are ways not only to help a customer find what they are looking for, but also to entice them with another item they might add to their cart.

The final tip is to provide a place for customers to leave product reviews. Again, according to KISSmetrics, 57 percent of online shoppers research reviews prior to making a purchase.

Providing easy, streamlined checkout is one step toward making sure your web store is user friendly. Doing so will help increase your sales. If these are features that your current web store is lacking, contact Azox today to learn more about out e-commerce solution for Microsoft Dynamics GP. These and other available features are sure to help you create an appealing environment for your customers.

by Azox, Microsoft Dynamics ISV Partner

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