Budgeting Made Easier in Microsoft Dynamics GP

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Microsoft Dynamics GP has been using an Office Excel based budgeting tool for several versions.  This tool allows the exporting of account and budgeting periods based on filters associated with your chart of accounts segments, allowing for the creation of multiple Excel workbooks that can be delivered to division managers for the budgeting process or the creation of a single budget to be built by an organization or team.


These budgets can be exported as blank budgets or can be based on prior year’s budgets, which include the ability to adjust those past budget numbers by a defined percentage.  Any of these budgets can also include actual amounts on a separate worksheet tab, allowing a quick reference of budget versus actual for completion.


Once each division has completed their budget, the Excel workbooks can then be imported into Microsoft Dynamics GP to update numbers in the corresponding system budget.  These individual budgets can remain standalone or rolled into a Master level budget using the Combine Budgets tool in Microsoft Dynamics GP version 2010.


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