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7 Benefits CIO/CTO Executives LOVE About Microsoft Dynamics ERP Solutions

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Why are so many businesses using Microsoft Dynamics ERP solutions?  Here are some quick answers from the "IT" side of the organizations of a few of our current customers:

  • Familiarity with both users and IT resources - Microsoft products are already being used, both for internal existing IT requirements and accounting staff.  Whether it is Microsoft SQL Server, Outlook and Excel, or even Bing.  The  users and system administrators have a base knowledge of the software and technology used throughout Microsoft Dynamics.
  • Simplified Infrastructure with Microsoft’s platform.  Capitalize on existing IT investments while innovating on leading technologies of SharePoint and Dynamics.
  • Microsoft's vast resources  (money and knowledge)- The amount of resources and money that Microsoft chooses to put back into their development areas is surpassed by no other company; that is comforting.  All of Microsoft has a shared vision and resource base to strengthen their tools and capabilities.
  • The adaptability and scalability of all of Microsoft’s products, but specifically their ERP and CRM products makes it a smart choice for both newer, growing organizations, and businesses with a solid share of the marketplace who want to remain flexible to modify their outreach to their customerbase.
  • The integration capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics is consistently proven.  Whether there are legacy systems to read from or write to; whether customers or vendors need to be able to send or receive information; or whether a business needs to share their product information on the web, the open architecture of the system and the tools available to achieve tight integration with other applications is second to none.
  • The ever-expanding choice of methods for users, management, and owners to get at the informationBusinesses now have the choice of providing access to view specific data in any of these methods:
    • Full Access Client – with the standard direct access to all transaction screens, reports, document types.
    • Over a Terminal Server or RDC or VPN – still, full access to all entry, inquiry, reporting, and document creation activities.
    • The Web Access – users can enter information and review reports that they need to get their daily operations done.
    • The Business Portal/Business Analyzer – viewers can find the data they need to report or analyze the operations.
    • BI Reporting – Through Management Reporter, users can access reports and the underlying data in many ways, including excel, direct drill-down views, pdf style documents or web viewers – all with the capability of drilling into detail, commenting on line items, and highlighting particular items for future discussions.
  • Reaching trading partners with the information electronically – Microsoft Dynamics has the ability to automatically email a copy of an invoice, provide the details for a business transaction or contract, or report back on requests for information from a vendor or customer.  Microsoft Dynamics gives users the capability of sending the particulars directly from the system upon request, or on a scheduled basis, keeping track of the details needed for transmission.

Whether you are using Microsoft products currently throughout your organization, plan to make the move and want to explore Microsoft Dynamics ERP or CRM Software, or want to take a look for yourself through a demonstration or 30-day free trial, contact Collins Computing.

By Abra Gilman, Account Manager, Collins Computing, Inc.

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