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3 Challenges You Can Solve At Convergence

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Lisa Steinhart, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for nChannel

I’m sure that attendees will be rushing to hear Mark Polino, Chris Dew, and Pam Peterson (among others) at Microsoft Convergence 2013. Collectively these Microsoft Dynamic experts will be presenting over 20 sessions focused on Microsoft Dynamics GP’s expanded reporting and tracking capabilities and how customers can get more value from their investment in Microsoft Dynamics. But with over 150 new features for distribution, inventory, sales orders and purchase orders these experts will for the most part focus on what you’ll be gaining by using Microsoft Dynamics. But I beg attendees not to ignore what you could be losing.


There are three key challenges that every attendee wants to avoid: manual updates, duplicate orders, and lost productivity. Simply by pairing Microsoft Dynamics with a cloud-based multi-channel management platform companies looking to exchange data between web stores and multiple Point of Sales (POS) locations, for example, can resolve some of their nagging challenges.

Manual Updates

If you sell through online channels, marketplaces or traditional brick-and-mortar channels, you are no doubt managing multiple selling systems such as a web store and multiple POS locations. For most, this means using a tedious process of importing and exporting CSV files from incompatible systems – or in the worst case-scenario enduring repetitive, manual data entry. Stop working your fingers to the bone and start using cloud-based connectors that can automate synchronization of data between systems containing inventory, customer information and sales orders and immediately reduce work-effort.

Duplicate Orders

Nothing bottlenecks your order processing system like duplicate orders. It causes loss in productivity and disrupts your inventory controls. By syndicating and synchronizing data using established business rules and processes you can streamline and manage your multi-channel operation and eliminate those nasty duplicate orders. You’ll avoid opportunities for human error while gaining visibility of your sales orders across your organization.

Lost Productivity

Streamlining internal processes is great, but it is better when you can extend your streamlined processes to your third-party suppliers and vendors. Using Microsoft Dynamics combine with a multi-channel management platform, you can increase your productivity beyond the walls of your company. For example, using a cloud-based multi-channel management platform you can easily and securely exchange sales orders and shipping notices between your master system and to other channels which might even update your customers about their purchases. The only thing you lose is wasted time, and you could improve your overall customer satisfaction.


So let go of these outdated worries and use Convergence 2013 to fill your mind with new ideas, relationships and ways to get more out of Microsoft Dynamics. Remember to stop by and see us at the nChannel booth (#2552).

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