POS Technology Must Improve for Dynamic Retailers

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The traditional point of sale (POS) has always been an easily identifiable counter somewhere at the front of a store where customers stand in line as a cashier checks out their items. It is familiar and has worked just fine for decades. In the 21st century, the situation is quite different. Customers are "empowered" and actively seek and even expect a more dynamic relationship with retailers.


While customers have evolved, the technology that powers points of sale has largely remained the same. Furthermore, while retailers still deal with many customers through their brick and mortar locations, the customers also interact with their websites, social media pages, and mobile apps. All of these new channels are great for customers, but many retailers may find themselves at a disadvantage, especially if their POS software is not up to the challenge.


Interaction with today's customers needs to be personally relevant. They expect retailers to know what they want based on their previous shopping, their social media likes and dislikes, and even their searching habits on the retailer's website. Privacy aside, customers want convenience above all else. To meet all of these expectations, stores must transform into truly dynamic retailers.


To reach these goals, Microsoft's Michael Griffiths recommends retailers must be:


  • Connected to their customers in all channels. They must listen to their customers, learn what they need, and offer experiences that are consistent and convenient, giving customers what they want when and where they want it.
  • Empowered  to grow in productivity and offer higher quality customer service, adapting with the changing global workforce, and enabling their employees to excel in  their professions.
  • Proactive and able to execute with insight, keeping track of real time information and adjusting their output to match the data they gather, staying on top of trends, and taking advantage of the opportunities that arise. In essence, they need a holistic view of their businesses.


A Dynamic Retailer needs the ability to take advantage of quickly approaching opportunities and to seamlessly adapt to new trends as they arise. Customers are empowered and expect the best for less. Dynamic Retailers need fluid business plans to make all of this happen, but they also need reliable POS systems that are experiential rather than transactional, driving customer experience and building loyalty


Microsoft Dynamics is designed  to provide this kind of software experience to Dynamic Retailers and their satisfied customers.


Source: Forbes Voice, Microsoft Dynamics Voice

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