What is a 'Two -Tier ERP'?

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Businesses are clamoring for more mobility and agility and a new era of enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions are emerging in response.  Growing businesses want big picture data, but multiple subsidiaries or locations in other regions often have unique operations that may not fit within a corporate ERP solution.  The ability to collect corporate-wide data, while allowing a subsidiary or other location to manage day-to-day operations, can now be found in a two-tier ERP solution.

According to “ERP is dead, long live two-tier ERP,” by Adrian Bridgewater and posted on ComputerWeekly.com, two-tier ERP will allow corporate headquarters to utilize their own on-premises ERP software solution and provide a Cloud-based solution to subsidiaries.  Subsidiaries can tailor their corporate-provided ERP solution to their own unique operations, and headquarters can still collect the information they need to manage corporate-wide operations.  This two-tiered ERP solution will reduce costs for deploying and maintaining additional on-premises ERP systems at every subsidiary location.  Time is also saved by reducing the need for IT specialists to maintain burdensome legacy systems at each location.  In addition, productivity at the corporate level and at subsidiaries is improved through the use of an efficient ERP solution that is used and understood by employees at each location.  Headquarters can view real-time data for each subsidiary, as well as use that data in corporate-wide reports.  Managers at the subsidiary level can focus on their daily operations without having to stop what they are doing to create and email status reports to headquarters.

The Cloud has introduced a whole new level of flexibility for businesses with multiple locations to collect, manage, and share data.  A two-tiered ERP solution will streamline communication and improve visibility from the corporate headquarters through each subsidiary.  Working seamlessly together with the same ERP solution will also improve productivity and save costs.  Contact Perimeter Business Solutions for more information about two-tier ERP, Cloud-technology, and how the right ERP solution can improve your bottom line.

By Mark D. Kosakowski of Perimeter Business Solutions,  Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner

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