Video: Historic Minnesota Manufacturing Company Revitalizes Business and Adds Local Jobs With Microsoft Dynamics GP

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This is a great video about Faribault Woolen Mill Co., a Minnesota based textile manufacturing company that implemented Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Watch the video:

Read the full Faribault case study. Case Study Highlights:

  • Family run, oldest manufacturing company in Minnesota.
  • Opened in 1865, closed in 2009, reopened in 2011.
  • Cloud based deployment to:
    • Minimize acquisition, support, and ongoing maintenance costs.
    • Deploy quickly.
  • Everyone has access to info at the same level so reduced friction between departments.
  • Works with Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word so easy to work with data and produce reports.
  • Using ecommerce capabilities, a small company is able to sell nationally and expand revenue opportunities.
  • Able to understand cost structure and track inventory costs.
  • Dynamics GP has strong financials and production capabilities.
  • Helps them understand their business, understand their cost structures, track inventory and costs and deliver quality products at the best possible cost.
  • Able to grow and provide more jobs to local community.

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