Video: Fabless Semiconductor Company, Syndiant, Relies on Microsoft Dynamics ERP to Control Costs During Explosive Growth

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This video shows how Syndiant, a fabless manufacturer of light modulating panels partnered with Microsoft Dynamics GP and Tensoft to handle significant growth quickly.

Watch the video:

 Read the full Syndiant case study. Case Study Highlights: 

  • Dynamics GP with industry specific ISV product, Tensoft FSM.
  • Smooth transition from selling a few units per week to 5,000
  • Cloud deployment of Dynamics GP with SaasPlaza– no need for IT team, controlled overhead, simplified deployment and admin, flexibility to add staff to R&D not IT.
  • Upgrade from Quickbooks, ready for significant growth
  • GAAP compliant, wanted more sophisticated accounting capabilities and to manage distribution channels
  • Manage supply chain from start to finished goods from planning and financial perspective
  • Tight integration with manufacturing functions
  • Core accounting seamlessly integrates to manufacturing functions to realize accumulated costs throughout the product. Manuf. life cycle is simplified
  • All cost accrued throughout the production of the product
  • True manufacturing costs mean accurate decisions on price quotes
  • Everyone in company who needs to make a decision can see that decision’s financial impact
  • Rapid growth in employees and sales but keep control of costs
  • Reduced inventory and increased cost of goods sold
  • Export to excel to easily analyze and produce reports
  • Scalable solution that will “probably take forever to outgrow”

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