Video: Beverage Distributor ,Talking Rain, Increases Revenue Without Adding Employees Thanks to Microsoft Dynamics NAV

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See how Talking Rain, an innovative beverage distribution company, used the efficiency provided by Microsoft Dynamics NAV to expand nationally without adding more staff, and how they got out from under a mountain of manual processes and spreadsheets.

Watch the video:

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 Read the full Talking Rain case study. Case Study Highlights:


  • Old Infor system was obsolete
  • Buried in paperwork – pen,paper and excel
  • Tedious manual processes
  • Manually entering data from several places into spreadsheets so they could analyze it
  • Lack of business insight, could not trust data accuracy
  • Tough not knowing where business stood: financial or inventory.
  • Not able to see updated inventory as product sold so selling out of stock items, bad customer service.
  • Lots of wasted printing as paper passed manually to different departments


  • Up and running in 90 days
  • Real time data available to decision makers
  • Easy to use and learn by employees accustomed to an old system.
  • Role Centers so employees get functionality and info for their specific jobs on a single easy to use screen
  • Able to take implementation in steps/phases. Cost Effective. DYNERP can be as small or big as needed . Able to customize and expand as needed.
  • Business owner now has icon on desktop that shows him sales by week/month/brand/size/zone, historical data all the way down to each sales rep's info.
  • View of where is the inventory, forecasting to know what they should produce, view of customers so you can make the right product at the closest point to where you want to sell it.
  • SSRS so users can get reports from an intranet. Used to wait an hour for reports now can get them on demand.
  • Doing double digit growth without adding staff – explosive growth from regional to national
  • Cut closing time in half—going from  8 to 10 days to  4 to 5 days.
  • Can now perform ad-hoc reports and queries within minutes, not days
  • Manufacturing has eliminated the paper-based processes so warehouse staff can now print bills of lading and ship products, all through Microsoft Dynamics NAV
  • Now that all company information is within one system, instead of on countless spreadsheets, company leadership gains holistic insight into the business.
  • Better customer relationships because of reduced out-of-stocks, delayed shipments, and the risk of losing invoices and orders.
  • Easier to close new customers by showing complete data such as year over year growth of a product and product performance by region.
  • Better control, smarter decisions, driving business growth

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