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Anya Ciecierski, CAL Business Solutions

Top 10 Most Popular ERP Software Blog Posts By CAL Business Solutions

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    CAL Business Solutions has been blogging since 2009 on the ERP Software Blog. As 2013 rolls in, let’s take a look at the most popular blog posts we have written during those years.  It is quite a mixture between ERP product comparisons, pricing and cost of ERP software, and just fun ERP software trivia topics. Here are the winners:

    1. 9 Interview Questions to Choose the Right ERP Software Data Center Hosting Provider - June 17, 2010
    2. How many companies use Microsoft Dynamics GP and more fun Microsoft Dynamics Trivia - May 24, 2010
    3. Big Bang, Phased Rollout, Or Parallel Adoption – Tell Us What Flavor Of ERP Implementation Works For You! - March 18, 2010
    4. 4 Simple Steps to Calculate ROI and Justify The Cost of New Accounting Software - September 1, 2009
    5. 35 Features Microsoft Dynamics GP Has that QuickBooks Forgot - June 12, 2009
    6. How Much Does New Accounting Software Cost? - June 2, 2009
    7. Compare Microsoft Dynamics GP Business Essentials versus Advanced Management: When Is The Advanced Management Edition Worth the Higher Price? - October 13, 2011
    8. A Guide to Microsoft Acronyms from the Dynamics GP 2010 Launch Event - March 25, 2010
    9. Why Microsoft Dynamics GP Users Can Look Ahead to Convergence 2011 Back in Atlanta - April 27, 2010
    10. Comparison of The Top ERP Software Vendors of 1999. Where are they now?- June 20, 2012

    We look forward to 2013 and many more years of blogging with a view to educating professionals involved in the ERP software selection process.

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