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New Voiding Capabilities in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013

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Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 makes it easy to get additional information about transactions that you’ve previously voided.  Watch this two minute demo to learn about all the helpful information that’s now at your fingertips.

The right hand side of voiding windows in Dynamics GP 2013 now includes an additional field that tells you whether or not a transaction has been reconciled in Bank Rec.  It’s important to note, this field is only informational, and will not prevent you from voiding a transaction.  Its purpose is to allow you to quickly see whether or not a transaction has been reconciled through Bank Rec, prior to voiding it.

That’s not the only helpful voiding capability that’s been added to Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013. Now, any credit memos associated with voided payments will be reopened, so that they may be reapplied.  With previous versions of Microsoft Dynamics GP, these credit memos were closed out to history and users couldn’t reapply them when voiding payments.

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Stay tuned for more Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 new feature videos; we plan to cover many more exciting enhancements in the future.  If there is a particular Dynamics GP 2013 feature you’d like to see us demonstrate, please let us know in the comments below.
By: Laura Heinbockel, Intelligent Technologies, Inc., a SC Microsoft Dynamics GP partner

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    i wana know how to use this soft wear like how to post cash vocher bank voucher and sale sale order