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New Features in Fixed Asset Module for Microsoft GP 2013

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The easy to use Fixed Asset module is the best option for managing company assets within the Microsoft Dynamics GP suite. This integrated module provides accurate and timely tracking, while reporting assets from an assets purchase through to retirement. Those who use this module will tell you in maintenance, accuracy, and control of fixed assets, it is the best hands down. Also, the module only gets better with the release of the new Dynamics GP 2013.


In the Dynamics GP 2013, asset maintenance has a number of new capabilities. The highly requested auto-assignment of asset IDs to new asset additions has been added. The new ability to move assets between companies within Dynamics GP using inter-company transactions allows for asset ID’s to be auto-added during the transfer process. Also new, the use of multiple calendars in the Fixed Asset module improves flexibility and improved reporting. This ability is great for a company that uses a fiscal year for financial reporting and will set up a corresponding calendar, while at the same time allowing the setup of a calendar for tax reporting that is based on the calendar year.


All these features are great news for managing assets within the Fixed Asset module; however, the best features are the new integrated posting capabilities. GL postings for: additions, retirements, depreciation, and any other fixed asset transaction can now be recorded in detail or summary. This means that each transaction can be posted as a separate Journal Entry transaction in the general ledger. Furthermore, all transactions can be reviewed and edited before posting the transactions in the general ledger to keep down adjusting entries.


Additionally, there are reporting enhancements. Reporting now comes with the capability to run historical depreciation reports. These reports will allow users to provide support for justifying asset values and are offered in both the Fixed Assets Depreciation Detail and Fixed Assets Depreciation Ledger reports.


The Fixed Asset module has greatly improved in the Dynamics GP 2013 update. With increasing requirements for efficiency and accuracy from the accounting office, these features will be a great help to anyone who needs an effective and efficient system for tracking fixed assets.


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By: Scott Driggers, T3 Information Systems, Washington, DC Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner

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