Microsoft Dynamics NAV Classic Client vs. NAV 2009 (or 2013) Role Tailored Client

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A large mid-western retail food distribution center had been growing exponentially and needed assistance with their Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP system and upgrading to a more recent version.  The debate naturally began on whether to deploy on NAV’s classic client versus NAV 2013 RTC (RoleTailored client).

“The Classic Client of Dynamics NAV requires one to navigate directly to the right page, the right card, or the right table, in order to get the information that you need,” explains Susanne Ferguson, TM Group NAV consultant. “If you make a design change on a page or card, the change is for everyone and this generally requires coding or customization. Since this is how previous versions of Microsoft Dynamics NAV were structured, clients are already familiar and comfortable with the classic client.”

Whereas the classic client was based on a traditional two tier concept, the new RTC client for Microsoft Dynamics NAV is based on a three tier concept. The new three tier concept has an application server that sits between the database and the new .NET application client. The RoleTailored client introduces many new features to the Microsoft Dynamics NAV User Experience or UX, including a Role Center page that displays stacks of documents representing the number of items that need to be handled such as open sales orders, detailed customer information, payment status, a notepad, and much more.

Using the RoleTailored client of Microsoft Dynamics NAV makes finding information faster and easier. For example, to search for all open sales orders in the classic client you must go through approximately eight steps, however in the RoleTailored client there is just one step. To obtain information about a customer in the classic client requires six steps, whereas the RoleTailored client takes only one step. The RTC also allows sending NOTIFICATIONS which are not available with the classic client if you have any customizations.  However, with the RoleTailored client you can send and receive notifications from your personalized home screen. The bottom line is that the role tailored client gives you the information that you need most often with just a click; saving you time and money.

“Another difference between Microsoft Dynamics NAV classic and the new RTC is that the RTC can be run from remote locations over a VPN and does not require Citrix or Terminal Services,” explains TM Group Microsoft Dynamics NAV consultant Mark Hoekstra. “So moving to the RoleTailored client eliminates the costs of purchasing and maintaining license fees of Citrix or Terminals Services Software which lowers their IT costs. The RTC also provides NAV customers  more “out of the box” functionality, less customization, better integrations to other software like  SharePoint, and greater user productivity.”

If you are considering upgrading your Microsoft Dynamics NAV system, the TM Group would be happy to guide you through this process and ensure your project’s success.  Start the New Year off right, and attain all of your ERP goals.  Contact The TM Group today at 888.482.2864 or visit our website at

Submitted by Jennifer Swiderski - Marketing Manager, The TM Group; [email protected]

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