Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013: 12 More Features to Get Excited About

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This article is the second in a two part series on the new features in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013. Read the first part here.

Microsoft Dynamics 2013 is here, and with it a barrage of new functionality to make your life easier and your business even more efficient. Here are a couple more new features we can't wait to tell our clients about:

Distribution Management

  1. Inventory – A new utility in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 lets you easily change standard item costs; it will no longer be necessary to select item serial numbers one at a time. To prevent an item from being bought, or processed, you can now label it as “inactive,” sites and item-side relationships can also be made inactive. Using reason codes, you can see at a glance why inventory is being moved.
  2.  Purchase Order Processing – You’ll now have the ability to set automatic alerts notifying you of problems with an order, like items that haven’t been fully invoiced or too many or too few items detected in a purchase order. Other new features include password protection that lets you restrict the list of individuals authorized to close orders that haven’t been fully invoiced, and the ability to enter prepayments.
  3. Sales Order Processing – As long as billing details are the same (address, currency, payment terms and commission), multiple orders can now be combined in the same invoice in the sales fulfillment workflow. New options will also let you set up drop shipments to several addresses from a single purchase order and name addresses to send a shipment to someone other than the orderer.

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Payroll and Human Resources

  1. Human Resources – You will now have to option to adjust age-based life insurance benefits to use an employee's age on their birthday or their age at the end of the year.
  2. US Payroll – It's now possible to set up a default payroll printing option. New warning features will let you set alerts for duplicate paychecks and other critical errors that might occur during a check build. Pay code history can be easily edited, and FICA tax sheltered annuity options have been added.
  3. Human Resources and Payroll Suite – Employee and manager IDs are carried over for integration with the rest of GP.
  4. Advanced Human Resources – You will be able to set automated emails to remind employees to renew any necessary certifications, licenses, or training. You’ll also have the option to delete training, license, and certification history and add up to four custom fields for additional information.
  5. US Payroll Extensions – There are several new features to simplify the mandatory arrears process including: calculating arrears from a template, setting reminders, posting arrears in batches, and specifying deductions from arrears. Multiple vouchers for federal tax can now be consolidated into a single voucher, and custom voucher descriptions are also available.
  6. PTO Manager – You will be able to update calendars with PTO data and create an absence record from payroll processing. New features will also let you choose whether to carry time off to the next period, easily produce PTO exception reports and access improved detail and history views.

Field Service

  1. Service Call Management – You will now be able to update the number of back orders from a work order or service call. If you override the shipping address during a call, the new address will remain for the remainder of the call and won’t need to be reentered. Notes entered from previous calls will now display with the newest entries at the top. If there is a shortage of items available, you will be notified so that you can change the quantity or make a substitution.
  2. Contract Administration – For single contracts, you will now be able to view only the unposted revenue if desired. Revenue can the ben easily reconciled with the general ledger. You can also change contract lines even during an open call.
  3. Returns Management – Two users may now edit the same RMA at the same time, as long as they are not editing the same line. Sales order processing returns now include item descriptions, and consolidate several RMA cross-ship lines to one order. 

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Donna Krizik, Crestwood Associates LLC – an Indiana/Illinois/Iowa Dynamics GP and SL Partner

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