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WithoutWire Inventory Sciences

Gain Efficiency in Microsoft Dynamics GP Lot Tracking with WithoutWire™ WMS – demo

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    What if you could simplify how you track inventory lots and cut your data entry labor by 30% at the same time?  Appolis presents a demonstration of lot and expiration date tracking of inventory in Microsoft Dynamics GP without and with WithoutWire™ (WoW) Warehouse WMS.  Creating PO’s and then Receiving; creating SO’s and then Picking; and finally posting and invoicing.  You will be amazed by the labor savings, simplicity and accuracy afforded by WithoutWire™ Warehouse WMS and its real-time synchronization to GP. This application works within the 4 walls of your warehouse and beyond.  This solution also provides  you with full inventory traceability and management of expiring inventory and FIFO stock rotation utilizing WM6.5 rugged mobile devices or iOS, Android and Windows based smartphones and tablets.

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