Did You Know? Business Alerts in Dynamics GP

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Did you know you can set up a business alert in Microsoft Dynamics GP to email you when your checkbook balance is below a specified threshold?

Dynamics GP Business Alerts


Over the years one of the most popular services we provide at Tidestone Solutions is what we refer to as our ‘Did you Know?’ training.  The training is geared toward businesses and end users who have been using Dynamics GP for some time, perhaps trained by Tidestone or another partner or by a co-worker.  Typically when we are faced with learning a new application in our jobs, or at home, we learn enough to get us through our day-to-day operations.  We may been shown much more during the training and implementation phase, but much gets lost or forgotten due to the focus being on getting the critical tasks at hand complete.

 Attendees benefit by learning new functionality that will enable them to perform their jobs better.  Whether it is a shortcut, query, or a new way to process those out of the ordinary transactions, users always go home with new knowledge of the GP application.

 We at Tidestone work with you to determine the agenda to ensure it is customized training for your business.  Some of the standard areas covered are Core Modules, Navigation, and Smartlist.  During the sessions users are encouraged to bring any questions and/or challenges they are experiencing so that we can work together to find a solution.

 Call 207.761.2133 or Contact us online to schedule your ‘Did you know’ session and begin utilizing the robust functionality of Dynamics GP today!

by Tidestone Solutions, Microsoft Dynamics Partner in Maine




Alicia Berglund

Solution Specialist – Application

Tidestone Solutions

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