8 New Features in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013

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After the much awaited launch of Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 last December, we were thrilled to test the product and experience the new features of this highly acclaimed ERP software. According to Microsoft, the motto of Dynamics GP 2013 is to “think forward, increase productivity and stay ahead,” and we agree with them.

Now, let’s talk about new features and user productivity:

  1. Web Access: MS Dynamics GP 2013 provides your employees with access to the tool via the new web client, so they can connect and contribute wherever they are, from their PC and supported mobile devices.
  2. Business Analyzer: Help your team track key performance indicators, delegate tasks, and take informed action with this dashboard that Dynamics GP 2013 is equipped with.
  3. Business Intelligence: Get even more out-of-the-box SQL Server Reporting Services and Excel reports in the new Microsoft GP 2013.
  4. Document Attach: Connect all relevant documents – informative details, pictures, notes, or contracts – directly to a transaction or line item.
  5. Sub-Ledger Reconciliation: Identify discrepancies between your general ledger and sub-ledgers, eliminating time-intensive, manual inventory and bank reconciliation processes.
  6. Expedited Shipping:  Allows you to shorten shipping times so your products reach customers faster by letting you organize and drop-ship items directly from your suppliers to your customers.
  7. Asset Tracking: GP 2013 lets you track and report fixed assets based on your calendar or fiscal year, facilitating the financial statement creation and tax filling processes.
  8. Improved Purchasing: Boost purchasing productivity and accuracy with Dynamics GP 2013, by setting specific percentage tolerances that will automatically close purchase orders that were left open due to quantity shortages.

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