20 Questions Cloud ERP Can Answer

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There are countless questions that you as a business decision maker are faced with every day.  If you find yourself asking any of the questions below, a Cloud ERP software solution may be the answer:

  1. We constantly struggle with staffing qualified IT professionals; how can we reduce or eliminate this need?
  2. How can we implement new technology in a way that won’t hamper our growth?
  3. How can we respond more quickly to market demands?
  4. How can we better ensure the security of our data, our transactions, and our communications?
  5. How can we help our people focus only on mission-critical activities?
  6. How can we stay more up to date with evolving technologies?
  7. How can we reduce the time and cost involved in maintaining current hardware and software?
  8. How can we more easily comply with our privacy or security regulations?
  9. What options should we looking at when we need to relocate our infrastructure?
  10. We’re undergoing a merger or acquisition; how can we easily combine business systems?
  11. How can we implement a global IT network when we lack the resources?
  12. How can we begin to operate in real time to meet 24-hour demand?
  13. How can we continue to support our dynamic business growth during our current hiring freeze?
  14. We need to upgrade our infrastructure; what options are available to us?
  15. How can we maintain our current IT capabilities while we are downsizing?
  16. What do we need to do to keep up with the latest security threats?
  17. What can we change or eliminate to reduce overhead costs?
  18. How can we deliver services to remote offices or workers?
  19. What kind of software solution can adapt as the scale of our operations changes?
  20. What kind of solution will support our business as we expand into new markets?

An ERP software solution deployed in the cloud or moved to the cloud can be the secure, reliable, and robust answer that you’ve been looking for.  Cloud ERP solutions enable you to get up and running quickly on an industry leading solution that is flexible and scalable enough to adapt to your ongoing business needs without costly upfront hardware investment or  tying up your IT resources.  Learn more about what makes a Cloud ERP solution an ideal answer to all of these questions here.

To take the next step in evaluating if a Cloud ERP solution is right for your business, request a Cloud Impact Assessment today!

By Socius, an Ohio ERP Partner

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