Will the Microsoft Dynamics Ad Campaign Get 1.4 Billion Impressions?

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Microsoft recently announced that it is embarking on a new marketing campaign that will signify a new chapter for Microsoft Dynamics. The focus will be on how Microsoft is unifying enterprise and consumer software in an effort to empower business managers as well as the people on the front lines.


Microsoft's white paper announced that they “believe every organization should empower its individuals with intuitive tools to do their best work seamlessly across the enterprise.” The focus of their new technological approach is people-centric, with the belief that talent and collaboration is a business's true competitive advantage.

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The new advertising campaign will use a blend of testimonials from real customers as well as more symbolic messages. The first testimonial will be coming from the Lotus F1 racing team.

In addition, the campaign has been expanding into publications with the New York Times, Forbes, The Economist, Fast Company, and Fortune. They have been, and will continue, posting articles in the special advertising section of publications such as Forbes and Bloomberg BusinessWeek. The articles themselves are meant to provide insight and suggestions to business leaders, not just to advertise Microsoft Dynamics.


The current goal is 1.4 Billion impressions, certainly not a modest goal, but very attainable for the software giant.

Understanding that modern marketing is about more than advertising, Microsoft is also planning to build strong communication online. Dynamics now utilizes a fully redesigned website that more fluidly explains how the software works and what it is capable of solving. Dynamics has received placement on the homepage of Microsoft.com for increased exposure as well.

The team will also be branching into social media. Announcements in the press will be accompanied by direct communications with customers and consumers via social networks. The team will be active on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn, and will also take advantage of paid advertisements to increase exposure on these networks.

It's clear that Microsoft has a lot of faith in their product and the push toward the consumerization of enterprise.

What do you think, will they get 1.4 billion impressions?  Will this help market awareness around the value of Microsoft Dynamics?

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