Manufacturing in America: Perception vs. Reality

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I saw an Infographic on our local TMAC blog that outlines Manufacturing in America with the Disconnect Between Perception & Facts and I am happy to share with the ERP Software Blog readers. If you have read or follow my articles, then you know that I mainly write about manufacturing and distribution. This is an easy topic for me since our company CIS works with manufacturing and distribution companies to implement technology. I am in a manufacturing and/or distribution company at least once a week either researching their requirements for Microsoft Dynamics GP or Managed IT Services. CIS also sponsors events with TMAC and my husband works with manufacturing companies at his job with Project Services Group. Specifically, CIS sells and implements Microsoft Dynamics GP and Managed Network Services to many different industries, but our focus is on manufacturing and distribution.

One of the biggest complaints that I hear from our customers and prospects in the manufacturing industry is the fact that they cannot find skilled workers. This infographic confirmed what I have been hearing from these owners, CFOs, plant managers, etc. Some companies are also hiring then training on the skills they need to run their business. I am surprised by these conversations since the news reports only focus on the lack of jobs. I will concede that since we are in north Texas that our economy suffers far less than the rest of the country.  However, I would also concede that the infographic also points out that as a nation we do not sufficiently train or suggest that students go into manufacturing as a career. The only person in my family at this time that has a focus on manufacturing is a nephew who is studying engineering.

The other concern that I hear in the media is that our country's businesses have moved manufacturing to China. Perhaps that is one reason why we do not have manufacturing workers; no one wants to go into that industry since the perception is that all the work is in China. I do know that we still have a lot of manufacturing companies in the USA. Most of our customers are manufacturing in the USA, or they manufacture some goods in China and of course they distribute in the USA.  I must add the plug that they use Dynamics GP and SalesPad! 

Per the Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) – “Manufacturing in America is central to our economic strength and a driver of innovation. Manufacturing jobs are some of the best in the country, yet the public does not perceive them to be. In addition, there are not enough skilled workers to fill them. However, together we can help tell the real story... “

Let me know your thoughts on this infographic – FYI, it was a bear to download!  You can leave a comment or email me at

Manufacturing in America

by Custom Information Services, Texas Microsoft Dynamics Partner

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