Dynamics GP 2013 New Feature - Auto Generate Lot Numbers

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One of the new features available in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 is its ability to automatically generate lot numbers when receiving a purchase.  Check out this 2 minute demo to see how it works:



The automatic lot number generation tool within Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 is configurable through the Item Maintenance options.  In addition, the lot numbers can be segmented and each segment can increment automatically if needed.

In our demo video, you’ll see an example in which the automatic lot numbers are segmented first by the year and month of the user date and second by a number that is incremented by 1 for each lot.

In addition, you can also define a lot split quantity for an item.  For example, if you set the lot split quantity at 200, it will limit the number of items in any lot to 200.  If a receipt is recorded for a quantity greater than 200, the lot will be split.

This video will show you not only how to configure your automatic lot number generation functionality but also what the process looks like when you enter a purchase receipt for an existing purchase order.

To see additional videos of new Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 features or access other information about this exciting release, visit Socius’ GP 2013 resource center.

By Socius, an Ohio Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner

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