Compare Pricing for Dynamics GP Hosting Providers - 7 Hidden Differences

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A company we are working with in the Dynamics GP software selection process recently asked me to provide a cost comparison of two well known Microsoft Dynamics GP hosting providers. Not just the monthly price, but a long list of 38 specific comparison points.  This was a time consuming but enlightening exercise.

If you are trying to save money it is often the little things that add up. One vendor may seem less expensive up front but turn out to be more money over time. I remember when I got married I had a huge Excel chart comparing the rental costs of every venue.  People laughed at me until we realized one place charged $2 to rent a fork while the other place was free. Or if you have ever flown Spirit Airlines you know the pain of being charged for “extras” you thought were included, like water! But I digress, back to Dynamics GP……

When evaluating hosting providers for Microsoft Dynamics GP people typically compare the most important data, such as monthly per user cost and the security certifications. But if you dig deeper you will find other costs that need to be compared.  Here are 7 areas where I found “hidden” differences between providers:   


1.       Setup fees (cost and what is included)

2.       Contract length (month to month vs annual)

3.       Number of databases (companies) included and cost for additional databases

4.       Database size and cost for additional GB

5.       File share GB size included

6.       Additional software included (such as Microsoft Office)

7.       Application support calls included

There are pros and cons of each company, but at least you want to make sure you are comparing all areas that will impact your overall cost. Which hosting providers did I compare? I won’t tell you, but I will say they are both recommended and highly reputable companies that are listed on the ERP Software Blog Hosting Provider Directory.

The monthly cost from the hosting provider does not include implementation and training services. That would be provided be a Microsoft Dynamics GP partner like CAL Business Solutions. So then you need to also compare those rates. Check out our newly updated “30 Questions Every CFO Must Ask About the Cost of Accounting Software” white paper for an easy pricing checklist to  help you out with this.

Request a Microsoft Dynamics GP Quick Quote which includes pricing estimates for on premise AND hosted deployment. (Note: pricing has already been updated to Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 which is due to be released later this month).

If you are a New England company that wants to compare the cost of Microsoft Dynamics GP on premise or in a hosted environment, call CAL Business Solutions. I might even share my 38 point comparison chart with you......

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1 thought on “Compare Pricing for Dynamics GP Hosting Providers - 7 Hidden Differences”

  1. ERP Software Blog Administrator

    Jason Carter over at PartnerCompete added these points to the comparison list:
    1)The availability of and cost of backup and recovery systems
    2)Do they provide a test/sandbox environment
    3)If you want to move to another system, is there a cost to getting a “portable” copy of your data. In what format will it be?
    4)Integrations to other products
    5)Data migration/upload

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