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White Paper: Top Reasons to Purchase a Business Solution from Microsoft

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Microsoft recently released a white paper featuring several reasons they believe you should invest in their business solutions. The white paper is currently available at the ERP Software Blog, and it is entitled Top Reasons to Purchase a Business Solution from Microsoft.

The paper, which is intended for small and medium sized businesses, begins by explaining how businesses can start to see diminishing returns from their basic software solutions as they continue to grow. They recommend using Microsoft Dynamics ERP to deal with these problems, and begin listing reasons why this could be a good idea. Here are a few of the takeaways from the paper.

-        Despite the name, Microsoft Dynamics ERP is useful for more than just ERP. The software comes with tools that help improve performance, internal cooperation, business intelligence, and communication. It also blurs the lines between personal and work software, incorporating interfaces that take inspiration from social media and consumer devices and software, improving ease of use.

-        Dynamics can be personalized for different kinds of workers, offering role-specific steps and best-practices, and avoiding needless complication that doesn't apply to their specific job title.

-        Using Dynamics, businesses have the ability to not only monitor resources, but make predictions about the future based on the available data. Built-in workflows help guide business processes. Altogether, this gives businesses the ability to prevent problems, not just solve them.

-        The software is designed to be easily used as well as customized out-of-the-box, without the need to produce internal custom applications to get things up and running. This allows the software to be easily adapted to new strategies in days, rather than holding back policy changes for weeks.

-        Workers can stay connected to one another through the interface of their choice, whether it is a Facebook inspired interface, email, instant messaging, or voice. Furthermore, it gathers all of this information so that it can be used cohesively, rather than as an unmanageable mess of different communication channels.

Download the full white paper, “Top Reasons to Purchase a Business Solution from Microsoft” at

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